Fights Everywhere!

During recon, things get completely out of hand at End Zone sports bar in Katy, Texas. The staff is so disfunction that there are two separate fights, broken equipment, and two owners that are one second away from swinging at one another. Can Taffer save this place?

Is it over?

You know, guys,something's notright here.

Shawn: Taylor just told me she doesn't work for me.

She works for Justin.That's what she just told me.

That's the kind of ( bleep )I'm telling you about.

I'm tiredof this ( bleep ).

So Tayloris loyal to Justin.

She doesn't respect Shawnas an owner.

What you don't understandis I own this place.

That's nice.

That's nice?So you work for me, right?

You work for me?

I'm sorry, you're done talking?Can I speak now?

I will not work for you.Get out of my face.

So there's Stephanie,Shawn's wife getting in.

Get out of my face.You don't even ( bleep ).

I don't care!Listen to me--

I swear to God!Don't ( bleep ) assault me!

- I will--- Don't ( bleep ) assault me!

Don't ( bleep )--you don't know --

you don't even knowhow to bartend!

Look at this!

Call me a ( bleep ).You're a ( bleep ) whore!

This is a business place!Can you believe this?

It's disrespectingyour guests.

Get her offof these premises now.

( Justin speaking )

I'm not in business with you.I'm in business with him.

Go. Go.Walk the ( bleep ) away.

Do not cry.

He is not worth--I'm serious, don't do that.

You don't give himthe satisfaction of that.

He breaks every single personthat comes in here.

He's crying.

- Like he's the victim.- ( grunts )


Shawn: You disrespect my ( bleep ) wife?!

You should have stepped upand ( bleep ) got Taylorout of here

right when she ( bleep )did that to my wife!

- You don't respect me.- Oh, my God, dude.

Let me tell yousomething, dude.( bleep ) you.

( bleep ) you.

This place went downafter I brought youon ( bleep ) board!

Really?! What the ( bleep )you talking about?!

Jon: These guys are horrific.

It's getting worseby the second.

I ( bleep ) take careof this ( bleep ) place!

Financially, it's all me!Financially, it's all me!

Shawn: That was before I got here!

You wantedthe bad side of me?!

Now you're gonna get it,you mother ( bleep )!

( bleeping, shouting )