Owner Tells Taffer To 'Use His Inside Voice'

Tim, the owner of The Brixton in Austin, TX, routinely kicks people out of his bar. This is significantly hurting his bottom line.

That's why number 10 on my countdown of worst owners

is Tim, from the Brixton in Austin, Texas.

Shh!You're all too loud!

Tim's just not appropriateto customers.

Tim: I don't like frat boys,

tourists, college students.

What's up, "Dick"?

I don't likecocktail lounge "mixology."

We're not a club,we're not a lounge.

We're not a sports bar.

-- this.

Hey, this iskinda gnarly, dude.

You ordered it.Inside voices, please!

Chill out or get out.I don't go to your barand act like a --.

- There they go.- Man: I'm not surprised. Why would you stay there?

Three customersI sent in,

those were the only people in the whole bar, and he chased them away.

- "Use your inside voice!"- Are you gonna useyour inside voice?

A nice middle fingerright there.

I've dealt witha lot of owners in my life,

but he's aboutas hardheaded andopinionated as it gets.

-- this.