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Detroit Muscle: The Highwayman
Cops O: Four Felonies and a Flat Tire
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Jail: Las Vegas
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Cops O: Four Felonies and a Flat Tire

Ink Master Season 4: The Artists

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17 top tattoo artists from across the country will compete in extreme challenges proving their skill and grit in an epic battle for $100,000 and the title of INK MASTER.

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Ink Master: Meet The New Artists

Posted on: January 14, 2014 | Views: 112,933 | Comment

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Valentine’s Day From The Cast of Ink Master (0:55)

This year, make love last longer by getting a custom-designed tattoo from renowned artist and Ink Master Judge Oliver Peck. Visit inkmasterlove.spike.com to view the tattoos and choose the one you want.

Views: 1481  |   Posted: February 10, 2014
Meet The New Artists (3:27)

Meet the 17 new tattoo artists competing for a $100,000 prize and the title of 'Ink Master'.

Views: 112933  |   Posted: January 14, 2014
The Best Art Of Ink Master (1:24)

From Tommy Helm’s Grim Reaper in season 1 to Joey Hamilton’s mermaid in season 3, the new artists talk about which tattoos they thought were the best so far on Ink Master. Tune in to the season premiere of Ink Master on February 25 at...

Views: 4238  |   Posted: January 21, 2014
Tattoo Clichés (1:09)

We’ve all heard of tattoo clichés, but no one knows about them better than the artists from season 4 of Ink Master. See for yourself which ones the artists have done in their careers. Tune in to the season premiere of Ink Master on...

Views: 3248  |   Posted: January 21, 2014
Tattoo Etiquette (1:30)

Haggling, phone calls, and taking 6 of your friends with you while getting a tattoo are just a bunch of the no-nos. The artists from season 4 of Ink Master can think of a few more.

Views: 3504  |   Posted: January 21, 2014