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A new Light Heavyweight champion will be crowned. Plus, Robin van Roosmalen faces Marat Grigorian.
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Glory: Preview Glory 15

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Preview Glory 15 (2:32)

In Istanbul, the best Light Heavyweight will be determined as Tyrone Spong vs. Saulo Cavalari and Gokhan Saki vs. Nathan Corbett start off the 4-Man Championship Tournament. Also, Robin van Roosmalen faces Marat Grigorian in the main...

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Glory 15 Preview: Tyrone Spong Pre-Fight Interview (2:32)

Quite possibly the most dominant man in kickboxing, Tyrone Spong still doesn't take any opponent lightly. He is prepared to fight the best in the Glory Light Heavyweight Championship tournament.

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Glory 15 Preview: Gokhan Saki Pre-Fight Interview (3:20)

Gokhan Saki will be fighting at Light Heavyweight for the first time in over 11 years. He discusses the difficulties of cutting weight the right way. He also talks about the big life change of moving from Holland to Dubai.

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Glory 15 Preview: Saulo Cavalari Pre-Fight Interview (3:17)

Saulo Cavalari has been training his whole life for this moment. He is put to the test when he faces Tyrone Spong in the Light Heavyweight Tournament at Glory 15 - Istanbul.

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Glory 15 Preview: Robin Van Roosmalen Pre-Fight Interview (3:27)

After Being knocked out in his last bout, Robin Van Roosmalen has learned a lot and is ready to start proving his the best Lightweight in the world.

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Glory 15 Preview: Danyo Ilunga Pre-Fight Interview (3:55)

Now a proud German, Danyo Ilunga still has the heart of an African warrior.

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Glory 15 Preview: Nathan Corbett Pre-Fight Interview (4:32)

Nathan Corbett is one of the best fighters in world today. He his strength from the deep traditions of being a Muay Thai fighter.

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Glory 15: Istanbul Pre Fight Press Conference (20:35)

The fighters of the Light Heavyweight Championship tournament talk about the pressures of competing against the top fighters in the world and the history they have with one another.

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