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The Joe Schmo Show - Sneak Peeks

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The Joe Schmo Show: The Touchy Feely Fugitive

Posted on: January 28, 2013 | Views: 2,745 | Comment

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Cuffing The Convicts (3:11)

Just when you think the contestants get to relax and enjoy the big mansion, another challenge awaits them: being on the alert for whenever a convict is on the prowl so they can take him down.

Views: 5215  |   Posted: January 10, 2013
Chase Gets Bloody (2:30)

While trying to take down a fugitive during an intense challenge, Chase gets so into the competition that he literally almost ends the entire show after a handcuff smashes him directly in the face. It’s a bloody one, buddy.

Views: 2431  |   Posted: January 14, 2013
In Love With LV (3:08)

Sklyar corners Chase one on one and lets him know how she really feels about Lavernius. Poor Chase won't know what hit him.

Views: 4737  |   Posted: January 9, 2013
Lorenzo Lamas Applies A Little Pressure (2:32)

Lorenzo Lamas does his best to take over Chase’s Top Dog suite. Needless to say, our man Chase is a little perplexed dealing with the needs of a Hollywood icon.

Views: 3584  |   Posted: January 2, 2013
Do I Know You From Somewhere? (0:53)

Right out of the gate, Chase thinks he knows Randy from somewhere in his past. Premiering January 8 at 10/9c, The Joe Schmo Show follows one contestant who believes they are competing to be a bounty hunter expected to win $100,000.

Views: 5601  |   Posted: January 2, 2013
Nude Photos Are Pretty Comforting (1:35)

When you're away from home sometimes you just a need a comfort item with you to relax. For some, that's their own nude modeling photos.

Tune in to the series premiere of The Joe Schmo Show airing on January 8 at 10/9c on SPIKE.

Views: 6949  |   Posted: January 7, 2013
Room Swapping Is Taboo (1:44)

Lorenzo Lamas gets Chase to swap rooms with him so he ends up with the biggest, baddest room in the house. Only problem is, the host of the show isn't having it.

Views: 2006  |   Posted: January 2, 2013
Shock, Drop And Roll (1:24)

When you are pitting contestants against each other with stun guns in a "shockdagon" you gotta expect some electric results. Only one person will be left unshocked and crowned the winner, but who will it be?

Tune in to the series...

Views: 2856  |   Posted: January 2, 2013
The Casual Pouch Party (2:54)

Mr. Lamas does his best to get the entire cast of The Joe Schmo Show to slip into a classy European Casual Pouch.

Views: 4600  |   Posted: January 8, 2013
Drop The Bomb On Chase (2:28)

Chase is teamed up with Karlee in the very first Full Bounty Immunity Challenge. Did we mention that Karlee can't hear a thing? Premiering January 8 at 10/9c, The Joe Schmo Show follows one contestant who believes they are competing to be...

Views: 2666  |   Posted: January 8, 2013
The Wild Raid (1:45)

Jake takes the entire cast outside the compound and shows them first-hand what is takes to bring down a nasty fugitive. The man is a legend.

Tune in to the Joe Schmo Show airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE.

Views: 1906  |   Posted: January 22, 2013
Testing Chase's Loyalty (1:18)

When Skylar confesses her love for LV once again to Chase, she pressures him into revealing his big secret. Will Chase spill the beans and give up his loyalty for his bud?

Views: 3442  |   Posted: January 16, 2013
Bring Your Convict to Work Day (2:04)

To catch a fugitive, you need to know how to think like a fugitive. But why spend time trying to interrogate them when you can just chain yourself to one for an entire day?

Views: 4698  |   Posted: January 23, 2013
Paired With A Deadly Convict (1:33)

Jake Montrose introduces some of the deadliest convicts in the world and pairs them up with The Full Bounty cast. Needless to say, Chase has his work cut out for him.

Views: 2278  |   Posted: January 25, 2013
The Touchy Feely Fugitive (1:51)

Stan freaks out during a challenge when a convict gets a little too friendly with him during a cocktail party. This guy's obviously a softie under that harsh exterior.

Views: 2745  |   Posted: January 28, 2013