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Empty Bottles Full Cans Sneak Peek

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Customers bringing in their own booze and bartenders flashing their boobs aren’t Jon’s biggest problems with this Tennessee watering hole. Taffer must ignite a lazy owner’s ingenuity to save the bar from going bust.

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Bar Rescue: Bar Recon In Tennessee

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Bar Recon In Tennessee (1:53)

Jon Taffer and his experts watch how this failing Tennessee bar operates, and they quickly locate the problem: complete and utter lack of management. The bartender flashes her chest while the bar gives away free booze. Can Jon save the...

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'What Is That Smell?' (2:19)

When Jon Taffer inspects the basement of this bar in Tennessee, he finds fruit flies, mold, stench, and what the owner calls a "natural spring." It is hardly spring water however, and is the cause of a foul smelling bar.

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