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Pop Goes The Tattoo Shop Sneak Peek

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An iconic Philadelphia ink shop is failing, along with its ailing owner's health. Can tattoo business expert Joey Tattoo get ownership and management to align before Pop's Place goes belly up?

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Tattoo Rescue: Tattooing Without A License Is A Huge Liability

Posted on: October 10, 2013 | Views: 893 | Comment

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Tattooing Without A License Is A Huge Liability (1:50)

Joey Tattoo breaks down the fact that tattooing without a license isn't only irresponsible, it's a legal liability.

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Views: 893  |   Posted: October 10, 2013
Joey And Sammy Spot Health Code Violations (1:50)

During their surveillance, Joey Tattoo and Sammy spot a number of eggregious health code violations. They see a dirty shop and cloth chairs, both of which are unacceptable in the modern tattoo industry.

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Views: 561  |   Posted: October 10, 2013