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Constantine (2005)
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Watch The Stars of Glory 15 In Action

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Glory 15 Istanbul comes to you April 12 and is headlined by Robin van Roosmalen vs. Marat Grigorian in a high-stakes lightweight showdown. Check out action from some of great athletes who fight for GLORY in this action-packed event.

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Glory: Glory 12: Robin van Roosmalen vs. Davit Kiria

Posted on: November 23, 2013 | Views: 653 | Comment

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Glory 12: Robin van Roosmalen vs. Davit Kiria (14:37)

The semi finals of the lightweight tournament get underway with Dutch sensation Robin van Roosmalen vs. Georgian Davit Kiria.

Views: 653  |   Posted: November 23, 2013
Glory 7: Robin van Roosmalen vs. Murthel Groenhart (18:47)

Take a look back to action from Glory 7: Milan, as Dutchman Robin van Roosmalen faces Surinamese Murthel Groenhart.

Views: 1423  |   Posted: April 20, 2013
Glory 11: Tyrone Spong vs. Nathan Corbett (9:58)

Nathan Corbett and Tyrone Spong battled to a no contest in 2009. Glory 11 brings you the rematch.

Views: 418  |   Posted: October 11, 2013
Glory 11: Gokhan Saki vs. Rico Verhoeven (17:10)

The Heavyweight Tournament Semi Finals kick off with Turkish kickboxer Gokhan Saki taking on the young Dutchman Rico Verhoeven.

Views: 306  |   Posted: October 12, 2013
Glory 11: Errol Zimmerman vs. Hesdy Gerges (12:49)

Errol Zimmerman hails from Curacao, Hesdy Gerges from Egypt. These heavyweights came to Chicago to fight for Glory.

Views: 345  |   Posted: October 12, 2013