Scary Mary's Sneak Peek

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The lecherous owner of a dying Texas dive crosses the line with one of Taffer's experts.

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Bar Rescue: Bar Owner Asks Girls To Go Topless

Posted on: May 2, 2014 | Views: 22,148 | Comment

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Bar Owner Asks Girls To Go Topless (2:27)

Jon Taffer and Tiffany Derry watches in shock as a completely irresponsible bar owner lures young girls to the back office and acts in a completely inappropriate manner. His remarks are completely offensive, and could be construed as...

Views: 22147  |   Posted: May 2, 2014
Recon At Mary's Outpost In Texas (2:02)

Jon and Tiffany watch as an owner completely embarrasses himself at his bar. He blatantly drinks and hits on girls, right in front of his wife. Taffer has his work cut out for him.

Views: 21719  |   Posted: May 2, 2014