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Savage Family Diggers: Oldschool Condom Tin

Posted on: January 31, 2013 | Views: 245 | Comment

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And Boom Goes The Safe (0:44)

When Ric Savage says he's got the key to every safe, he's not kidding around. Sure, maybe his idea of a key is a bit explosive, but it gets the job done.

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Do We Have A Deal? (1:03)

When Ric's got the manpower and tools but his new friend has the land, he's gotta get down to some serious negotiations and squeeze every penny out of this tough situation.

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Creepy Negotiator (1:29)

It's hard to take a contract seriously when the opposing party is represented by the creepiest man you've ever met in your life. Run for the hills, Ric!

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Ric's Fashion Faux Pas (0:49)

When you're digging for relics you need the right skills, tools, and of course, awesome outfits. Ric Savage definitely puts the "awe" in awesome when it comes to fashion.

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Hooker Collection Sale (3:00)

Who in their right mind would buy a bountiful collection of items that belonged to a hooker of some sorts? Oh, there's always someone around, don't you worry.

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A Flower For The Lady (1:03)

Some relics and artifacts are just so beautiful you want to keep them for yourself. Forget the monetizing, sometimes you just have to be accessorizing.

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Oldschool Condom Tin (1:02)

From the biggest finds to the smallest finds, and from the noblest finds to the most salacious ones, anything dug up from the ground is worth cash in the end.

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Arguing Like An Old Married Couple (1:14)

He handles the digs, she handles the books, but that doesn't mean they always get along. Digging for relics gets a little tricky when your spouse is involved apparently.

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A Ghoulish Haul (1:59)

When you have strange, creepy, or just plain ghoulish items for sale, you may just need to find a ghoulish antique dealer who is willing to buy them from you.

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Probes And Saws (1:53)

Makeshift hospitals all over Savannah during in the 1800s can only mean one thing: civil war field surgeon tools. Ca-ching!

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Relic Hunting In The Dark (1:09)

Digging deep into the earth for relics and artifacts is tough business, but add some darkness into the mix and you've got one creepy, tough adventure ahead of you.

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Happy Wife, Happy Life (2:45)

On the road with three guys and spending day after day digging in dirt will drive any woman a little nuts. Perhaps a gold vintage hair pin will make life easier?

Views: 668  |   Posted: February 1, 2013
Whitey's Bar (1:39)

When Ric Savage thinks he's found a gold pin that belonged to boxer John L. Sullivan, he tries to persuade a bar owner to take him down to the dark, scary basement from whence it came.

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It's A Beautiful Day In Boston (2:15)

Before the Ric Savage leaves Boston, he meets with Laura, a buyer who's willing to take the antique boxing collectibles he's dug up off his hands - but not before a feisty negotiation goes down.

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Scales And Bells (1:31)

While digging through a bar's basement, the Savages uncover an old scale used to weigh in boxers back in the day as well as a ring bell.

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No Captain, No Dig (1:19)

The Savages have big plans for Beaufort Port. Unfortunately, the Captain they were going to strike a deal with to dig for some great artifacts has a few issues with the master plan.

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You're About To Get "Savaged" (1:21)

The Savages take a trip to Beaufort Harbor to hunt for pirate treasure. Which pirate? No one but the legendary Edward Teach – also known as Blackbeard.

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Blackbeard's Backyard Sale (2:53)

Ric Savage has got all the pirate booty in the world – Blackbeard's booty, to be specific. Can the fearless digger unload his treasure for some serious cash though?

Views: 1889  |   Posted: February 14, 2013
Booyah! Blunderbuss Pieces. (0:58)

What can you expect to dig up in an area once travelled by Blackbeard himself? Not just pirate booty, but pirate weapons.

Views: 587  |   Posted: February 14, 2013
Cannonball And Dinnerware (1:09)

We all know that way back in the day, pirates enjoyed to pillage and plunder endlessly. Good thing Ric Savage and his family have proof.

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The Digging Brothers (0:50)

G starts to take on more of a leadership role and gives a little background info on the oil lamp that his younger brother just dug up.

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Bust, Baby (0:59)

In a cottage's basement, Ric and his family dig through every square inch of the area to find a container that contains absolutely nothing. Not a good day for Ric, no sir.

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A Whale Of A Deal (3:15)

Carrying a collection of antique whaling equipment, Ric meets up with an old acquaintance so he can anchor a deal with her. Will she take the bait though?

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Harpooning For Cash (1:08)

The Savages uncover both a harpoon and a lance from a very long, long time ago. Oldschool whaling weapons are just too cool.

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Anchors Aweigh (1:27)

When you haul an old anchor out of the bare dirt, you know you've got a sea of cash coming your way.

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Go Read A History Book (1:17)

Ric Savage is trying to unload some pieces of history he's dug up for cash, but this antique store owner just is not impressed. Does this fella know his history?

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The Revenge Of Ric (1:19)

When Ric Savage is trying to sell his historic relics to a buyer, he usually budges a little bit with his asking price. Not this time, bud.

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Aphrodite's Appraisal (1:29)

Ric and his Family dig up a gorgeous statue of Aphrodite and have Arthur, a fine art expert, examine the piece to let them know if it's worth a boatload of dough or should be used as an oversized paperweight.

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Gilded Age Gold (1:02)

There's nothing like finding some beautiful, shiny gold to really make your day. Even better, this little piece the Savages dug up is from the Gilded Age. Ca-ching!

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Ups And Downs In The Artifact Recovery Business (0:58)

While G and Nick stumble upon a relic while digging on an old mansion's land, Rita has some bad news for Ric. You win some, you lose some.

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