Our New Girlfriend: Gigi Hadid - Guys Choice 2016

  • Aired 06/09/2016

Gigi Hadid isn't just a rising star on the runway and a Victoria's Secret Angel, she's also Our New Girlfriend. Just don't ask her to keep it cool around Kobe Bryant.


- So I thought I was gonna come wing it.

All week I was like, I'll be good, I'm just gonna go.

And then I woke up thismorning and I was like,

"Gigi, there's no way you're gonna be able to be calm

"or cool in front of Kobe, ever in your life."

So I called a friend and I was like,

"What do I say that's funny?"

And she's like, "Try to think of something that you did

"mean to a crush in middle school,

"like try to make a joke about that."

I was like, "You know what, I've always been, like,

"kind of like a good girlfriend."

But what I appreciate this for is that

you know, everyone that...

You know, is here to support me

and would even think of me for this award.

You guys let me be funnyand you let me be myself

and you support me for the things besides how I look

and besides what models use to be only recognized for

and I really appreciatethat so thank you.


- [Voiceover] Guys Choice

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