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Ink Disasters Sneak Peek

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Tommy takes on a girl’s duckface that has everyone laughing at her. Gus pledges to cover a tattoo so bad it ended a college career and Jasmine goes head to head with a sperm shaped tattoo that could ruin her client’s sex life.

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Tattoo Nightmares: Exacto-ly Wrong

Posted on: September 5, 2013 | Views: 1,435 | Comment

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Exacto-ly Wrong (1:43)

Big Gus works on an improvised jail tattoo that a young lady performed on herself when she was 15 years old. Suffice it to say, she needs all the help she can get. Tune into Tattoo Nightmares Tuesdays at 11/10c only on Spike.

Views: 1435  |   Posted: September 5, 2013
When An 'Ink Master' Goes Wrong (1:42)

Tommy tries to fix a tattoo that a customer received during Season 2 of Ink Master. Host Dave Navarro arranged for Tommy to fix the tattoo because it was so bad. Tune into Tattoo Nightmares Tuesdays at 11/10c only on Spike.

Views: 1075  |   Posted: September 5, 2013