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Underworld is a “horror” bar run by 2 rocker-burnouts who managed to surpass their music industry failure with an even bigger failure in the bar biz. Jon attempts to transform this hive of scum & villainy into a profit center.

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Bar Rescue: Distrustful Bartenders

Posted on: October 13, 2013 | Views: 237 | Comment

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Vegas Is All About Women (2:04)

Jon Taffer sends three beautiful women into Underworld Grill & Bar in Las Vegas on a recon mission. What he finds is simply unacceptable.

Views: 383  |   Posted: October 13, 2013
Distrustful Bartenders (1:34)

Taffer knows that for a bar to be successful, an owner must be able to trust his bartenders, and vice-versa. When he finds that somebody is lying about tips, he calls a meeting and gets to the bottom of it.

Views: 237  |   Posted: October 13, 2013