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An iconic Philadelphia ink shop is failing, along with its ailing owner's health. Can tattoo business expert Joey Tattoo get ownership and management to align before Pop's Place goes belly up?

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Tattoo Rescue: Computers Can Improve Tattoos

Posted on: October 15, 2013 | Views: 4,923 | Comment

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Computers Can Improve Tattoos (1:50)

Joey Tattoo calls in Mike Devries to help teach his artists how to use Photoshop to improve their tattoo skills.

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Joey Tests The New Skills (1:50)

Joey Tattoo sees if the artists in this new shop can internalize their new Photoshop lessons and improve themselves artistically. Which ones will make the cut?

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Breaking Bad Habits (1:50)

Joey and Mike point out some bad habits that they saw during their tattoo test. From contaminants to not wearing gloves, they point out some major problems. If this shop wants to be successful, they need to crush these bad habits.


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