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Without A Chute Sneak Peek

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After a tough auction, things get worse when the shop’s landlord wants to talk to the guys. Ton tries to negotiate with him while Allen has to put an experimental powered parachute to the test to save the day’s profits.

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Auction Hunters: 'Is That An Airplane?'

Posted on: February 4, 2014 | Views: 8,855 | Comment

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'Is That An Airplane?' (2:09)

At a local auction the guys spot what they believe is some sort of ultralight aircraft in the back of a storage unit. They make plans to win the auction, but there are some sour bidders at the auction that would love to outbid Ton & Allen.

Views: 8855  |   Posted: February 4, 2014
The Landlord Is NOT Happy (1:12)

While Allen & Ton are out conducting business, the shop's landlord stops by for a visit-- and he is NOT happy. Apparently, the antics that take place at the shop have been causing a disturbance in the local neighborhood.

Views: 6353  |   Posted: February 4, 2014
A Test Pilot Is Needed (1:49)

Allen and Elle take their newly acquired aircraft to a local airfield to find some more information and hopefully make a sale. They find that they actually have a powered parachute. What's more? In order to make the sale, Allen needs to...

Views: 36617  |   Posted: February 4, 2014