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Glory 11 Post-Fight Interviews

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Hear from Glory 11 winners Tyrone Spong, Joe Valtelini, and new Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven. Play-by-play man Mauro Ranallo also punches in.

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Glory: Glory 11 Post Fight Interview: Rico Verhoeven

Posted on: October 16, 2013 | Views: 85 | Comment

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Glory 11 Post-Fight Interview: Joseph Valtellini (1:41)

"Bazooka" Joe Valtellini is already looking forward to a trip to Japan and a shot at the Welterweight gold.

Views: 175  |   Posted: October 16, 2013
Glory 11 Post Fight Interview: Tyrone Spong (1:35)

Fresh off his win over Nathan "Carnage" Corbett, Tyrone Spong breaks down the fight and talks about his place as an ambassador for the sport of kickboxing.

Views: 172  |   Posted: October 16, 2013
Glory 11 Post-Fight Interview: Mauro Ranallo (0:43)

Leave it to play-by-play man Mauro Ranallo to put a bow on the evening's events.

Views: 152  |   Posted: October 16, 2013
Glory 11 Post Fight Interview: Rico Verhoeven (1:03)

New Heavyweight World Champion Rico Verhoeven talks about his lifelong dream and the night of his life.

Views: 85  |   Posted: October 16, 2013