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Tattoo Nightmares: The Flag Goes To The Lion's Den

Posted on: July 12, 2013 | Views: 616 | Comment

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The Flag Goes To The Lion's Den (1:24)

Kris is ecstatic when he sees what Jasmine did to cover up his tattoo of an Iranian flag. She used color contrasting to transform it to a sketch of Daniel in the lion's den.

Views: 616  |   Posted: July 12, 2013
The Squid Has Got To Go (1:28)

Gus takes a shamefull squid tattoo is transforms into a badass red robot.

Views: 3247  |   Posted: July 12, 2013
St. Michael Saves The Day (1:13)

Tattoo Nightmares swoops in to save the day when a terrible, grainy bulldog tattoo is covering an arm. Tommy expertly covers an old bulldog tattoo with a beautiful sketch of St. Michael.

Views: 2947  |   Posted: July 12, 2013