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Elimination Tattoo: Portrait

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Joined by special guest judge Corey Miller, the artists are tested on accuracy by having to do portrait tattoos. As if the pressure wasn’t already through the roof, the subjects of the portraits are there with their human canvases to see if the artists will leave them amazed or disappointed.

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Ink Master: Elimination Tattoo: Portrait: Part I

Posted on: September 17, 2013 | Views: 20,123 | Comment

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Elimination Tattoo: Portrait: Part I (6:42)

Tested on accuracy, the artists are tasked with doing portrait tattoos on their human canvases. As if the pressure wasn't already through the roof, the subjects of the portrait tattoos are sitting there watching every drop of ink being...

Views: 20123  |   Posted: September 17, 2013
Elimination Tattoo: Portrait: Part II (5:15)

The test on accuracy continues as the artists get started on their portrait tattoos. While Tatu Baby excels in her specialty, Kyle is worried that his canvas's wrinkles may result in a not-so-flattering tattoo design.

Tune in to Ink Master...

Views: 21971  |   Posted: September 17, 2013