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Sake Bombed Sneak Peek

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A drunk sushi chef offends his patrons with his envelope pushing food while a sushi restaurant owner harbors a secret that threatens his business. Will the investors get on the same page to decide who earns their investment?

Tune in to a brand new episode of Hungry Investors this Sunday at 9/8c.

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Hungry Investors: The Most Offensive Restaurant Ever

Posted on: June 4, 2014 | Views: 26,594 | Comment

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The Most Offensive Restaurant Ever (1:06)

During this episode of Hungry Investors, Chef Derry encounters something so callously offensive that she can hardly believe her eyes. Tune in to the newest episode this Sunday at 9/8c to see what it is.

Views: 26594  |   Posted: June 4, 2014
Can SoCal Sushi Shine? (1:39)

The investors head to Sake Sushi in Los Angeles, CA to meet with owners who added their own flair to traditional Japanese cuisine.

Views: 15103  |   Posted: June 5, 2014
'Crazy' Sushi Chef Seeks Investment (1:50)

While visiting Mr. Sushi in Los Angeles, the investors encounter a passionate yet reckless chef. Also, the all-you-can-eat menu isn't very profitable.

Views: 13272  |   Posted: June 5, 2014