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Guys Choice 2014 Highlights

  (7 Video Clips)

From drop dead gorgeous Sports Illustrated cover girls to a humble yet hilarious former Navy SEAL, this year's Guys Choice was a star-studded event filled with amazing moments.

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Guys Choice 2015: Norman Reedus Is Honored As The Biggest Ass Kicker

Posted on: June 9, 2014 | Views: 9,002 | Comment

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Sandra Bullock Picks Up Decade of Hotness Award (3:10)

Hugh Grant, Matthew McConaughey, and Keanu Reeves crown the darling Sandra Bullock with the Decade of Hotness Award. Congrats, Sandy!

Views: 52682  |   Posted: June 9, 2014
Matthew McConaughey Is Your Guy of the Year (0:54)

The ever so charming Matthew McConaughey has had quite a year in acting, and for all of his amazing guy roles he is indeed this year's Guy of the Year.

Views: 32463  |   Posted: June 9, 2014
Kevin Hart Would Pay $1,000,000 To See Rihanna Naked (Again) (1:04)

It's no secret that this year's Most Desireable Woman is stunning, but Kevin Hart explains exactly how ridiculously sexy Rihanna is.

Views: 14913  |   Posted: June 9, 2014
Troops Choice Award Winner Mark Wahlberg Introduces Marcus Lutrell (2:20)

Troops Choice award winner Mark Wahlberg takes the stage and welcomes along with him the humble yet hilarious former Navy SEAL Marcus Lutrell.

Views: 10083  |   Posted: June 9, 2014
Andy Samberg Takes Home Mantlers For Primetime Award (1:52)

Andy Samberg gives one of the most hilarious acceptance speeches ever as he snags a pair of mantlers for the Primetime award.

Views: 12159  |   Posted: June 9, 2014
Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal, And Lily Aldridge Are The Holy Grail of Hot (0:38)

The drop dead gorgeous Lily Aldridge, Chrissy Teigen and Nina Agdal are named the Holy Grail of Hot and graciously accept the award from Kit Harington - who definitely has the best spot in the house right now.

Views: 5304  |   Posted: June 9, 2014
Norman Reedus Is Honored As The Biggest Ass Kicker (0:51)

Aaron Paul presents The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus with the Biggest Ass Kicker award. The zombie-killing badass keeps things short and sweet.

Views: 9002  |   Posted: June 9, 2014