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Hole In None Sneak Peek

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This golf-themed bar is a swing and a miss and its horrendous sanitary conditions are completely out of bounds. Jon must clean house and get rid of the filth as well as the staff responsible for making his expert sick.

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Bar Rescue: Health Code Violations Force Taffer To Shut It Down

Posted on: November 17, 2013 | Views: 13,416 | Comment

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Terrible Food And Drink (2:12)

Jon watches on in horror as Chef Duffy is served terrible food and drink. The food is so awful that one of Jon's undercover recon agents gets sick in the bathroom.

Views: 42278  |   Posted: November 17, 2013
Health Code Violations Force Taffer To Shut It Down (1:59)

While going through the kitchen, Jon Taffer and Chef Duffy find eggregious health code violations including raw chicken, dirty fryers, and giant areas of mold and fungus growing in the walk-in refrigerators.

Views: 13416  |   Posted: November 17, 2013