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Bar Rescue: Taffer's Best Blow-Ups

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Bar Rescue: A Few Loose Screws

Posted on: April 12, 2013 | Views: 1,839 | Comment

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Fallen On Drunk Ears (1:04)

When these guys get drunk at their own bar almost nightly, Jon Taffer sits down and reads them the riot act. Time to shape up or ship out!

Views: 8962  |   Posted: April 12, 2013
Kitchen Confrontation (1:15)

Bars gotta sell good food to keep raking in the guests, but you can’t do that when your cook is mixing raw meat with veggies – and doesn’t wash his hands. Jon Taffer lets this guy have it.

Views: 2905  |   Posted: April 12, 2013
A Few Loose Screws (1:45)

Taffer notices the entire bar counter is loose and could fall apart any second. The bar manager doesn’t see where that was listed on his job duties. Yelling ensues.

Views: 1839  |   Posted: April 12, 2013
What Security? (0:50)

When alcohol and testosterone mix, men get a little crazy in bars and that’s why you have security. This guy must have forgotten that was his job, though.

Views: 2015  |   Posted: April 12, 2013
Bar Rescue Brawl (1:19)

Ami, the owner of this fine drinking establishment, has had enough of Jon Taffer's advice and resorts to hurling vicious insults at him and his team. Did you think Taffer was just going to sit there and take it?

Views: 10453  |   Posted: April 12, 2013
Roach Cocktails (2:21)

The owner of a bar isn't impressed that Jon Taffer's advice is to fumigate the place and get rid of the cockroaches. Jon's not impressed by the owner altogether.

Views: 2991  |   Posted: April 12, 2013
Grotesque Gumbo (0:51)

When this bar's gumbo gets a guy puking immediately, Taffer's got a thing or two to say the cooks in the kitchen. Nothing like a little food critic to get things in order.

Views: 1634  |   Posted: April 11, 2013