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Car Lot Rescue CRM

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Sorry, We Don't Have Customer Service Here

Posted on: February 10, 2013 | Views: 1,227 | Comment

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Sorry, We Don't Have Customer Service Here (1:23)

Tom Stuker gets first hand experience of how the guys at the dealership handle a customer when he needs service done to his vehicle.

Views: 1227  |   Posted: February 4, 2013
There's A New Dealer In Town (2:05)

As the employees at the dealership meet Tom Stuker, he reads them some reviews on the dealership, which doesn't go over well.

Views: 1944  |   Posted: February 4, 2013
Hardly Working (1:25)

How about that ride in? Tom Stuker arrives at the dealership and is not happy with what he sees. No employees are trying to help any customer on the lot.

Views: 1403  |   Posted: February 4, 2013
Car Salesman Fist Fight (1:08)

Losing customers one day at a time. Johnny, the sales manager, went from wanting to help a customer, to wanting to fight that same customer.

Views: 1736  |   Posted: February 4, 2013
I Can't Run My Dealership (1:28)

Eddie, the dealer, doesn't have a clue about how to staff and run a dealership. Enter Tom Stuker to help the dealership and the owner become reputable.

Views: 1759  |   Posted: February 4, 2013