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Crappy Cantina Sneak Peek

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Two brothers have drained their parents' retirement fund by opening an ill-conceived death-metal concert bar. Taffer arrives to run off the metal-head clientele & straighten out this festering mosh pit of failure.

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Bar Rescue: 'What Is That, Mystery Meat?!'

Posted on: October 4, 2013 | Views: 2,105 | Comment

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'What Is That, Mystery Meat?!' (1:50)

Jon and his panel of experts have their work cut out for them as they delve into a new bar, that seems to be extra-filthy. Tune in to Bar Rescue each Sunday at 10/9c only on Spike.

Views: 2105  |   Posted: October 4, 2013
A Filthy Bar Is A Bad Bar (1:55)

Bar owners are in need of a serious attitude adjustment as Taffer's team sets the record straight in this disgusting bar. Tune in to Bar Rescue each Sunday at 10/9c only on Spike.

Views: 1475  |   Posted: October 4, 2013