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Ink Master Season 2 Sneak Peeks

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Ink Master: Flash Challenge: Dimension

Posted on: November 28, 2012 | Views: 13,088 | Comment

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Flash Challenge: Dimension (8:40)

Six artists are left, their challenge is to make their work look 3 dimensional.

Views: 13088  |   Posted: November 28, 2012
Flash Challenge: Gradation (8:41)

The artists are paired up to do gradation work on a scratchboard -- under a blacklight.

Views: 12196  |   Posted: November 14, 2012
Flash Challenge: Contrast (8:20)

Nerds, beware. This challenge deals with how well the artists' can enhance dark and light areas. The winner has the power to assign all human canvasses for elimination tattoo.

Views: 13753  |   Posted: November 7, 2012
Flash Challenge: Attention to Detail (8:41)

Welcome to the woods, ya'll. The contestants are put to the test to see if they can make a great piece, a masterpiece.

Views: 13870  |   Posted: October 31, 2012
Flash Challenge: Inside of Mouth (8:25)

The artists take a trip to Coney Island and are challenged to tattoo the inside of the mouth.

Views: 37646  |   Posted: October 24, 2012
Flash Challenge: Flash Tattoo (11:00)

Los Angeles Laker Matt Barnes helps guest judge this color-themed flash challenge.

Views: 102403  |   Posted: October 17, 2012
Flash Challenge: Ingenuity (9:49)

The artists meet for the second Ink Master flash challenge of season 2. Who can make their models completely disappear? Find out on Ink Master, airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on Spike.

Views: 9065  |   Posted: October 10, 2012
Flash Challenge: The Morgue (1:40)

The artists meet at the morgue in the first Ink Master flash challenge of the season. Will they have to tattoo corpses?

Views: 161237  |   Posted: September 26, 2012
Flash Challenge: Precision (9:24)

This week the artists are tested on precision and tasked with making mini tattoos of the classic Jagermeister stag.

Views: 39951  |   Posted: December 11, 2012