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Criss pays tribute to a classic Houdini escape by hanging from his feet in two straight jackets with a weight tied around his neck. Criss also trains with Randy Couture and visits his childhood home to reveal his first trick.

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Criss Angel BeLIEve: Randy Couture Puts Criss Out

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Criss Creates A Special “Necktie" (1:03)

In front of an astonished onlooker, Criss swallows a red silk scarf and then simultaneously pulls it out…through his neck.

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Randy Couture Puts Criss Out (2:36)

MMA Hall of Famer Randy Couture shows Criss how quickly he could lose consciousness in the Double Straight Jacket stunt.

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All In The Family (2:04)

Criss and his family gather in his mom’s kitchen for a simple card trick. But this time, it’s Criss’ aunt Stella that blows everyone away - just as she did when she first taught six-year-old Criss the trick.

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Criss Escapes TWO Straightjackets (5:02)

Criss performs a demonstration that hasn’t been seen in Times Square in more than 100 years. Hanging upside down, multiple stories high, he attempts to escape not one, but two straightjackets - all while a 45 pound weight hangs from a...

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