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Little Girl Loses Her Mind After Losing Facebook

Posted November 22, 2014 | Views: 276

When a mother takes a smartphone away from her daughter, the young one has a conniption. The police are called.

'Where Are Your Clothes?'

Posted November 22, 2014 | Views: 354

A distraught woman calls police after a strange man approaches her door in his birthday suit.

Drunk Driver Tries To Run From Cops

Posted November 22, 2014 | Views: 137

When an officer tries to make contact with a suspicious vehicle at a bowling alley, the inebriated driver tries to get away.

Drug Dealers Try To Elude Police, Poorly

Posted November 22, 2014 | Views: 862

When a pair of suspected narcotics dealers refuse a traffic stop, police begin to follow. After they try and hide in a residential neighborhood, their time has run out.

Intense Knife Standoff In Glendale

Posted November 22, 2014 | Views: 523

Officer John Rebholz of the Glendale PD responds to a call of an intoxicated man allegedly trying to commit "suicide by police officer." This occurs when a suspect provokes officers into using deadly force. Officer proceed with extreme caution.