'How Many People Does It Take To Make A Taco?'

During the invest test at Sky's Tacos, the leadership structure crumbles. If Sky is to earn an investment, she must streamline production, and quickly.

Okay, we're openin'the doors.

Get your grills goin',full fire.

- Let the games begin, Tiff.- Sky: Who hasn't had their order?

Okay, tilapia.Give me the orders.

Hey, Tiff.Let's get this moving. Quick.

I haven't gotone ticket yet.

I've been tryingto pay for probablyabout seven, eight minutes.

Those people--Sky took theirorders on a pad.

- Shrimp. Uh-huh.- Taffer: But she didn't put it into the POS--

- there's no ticket.- Number 20,

where are the ti--oh, this is a disaster.

We only have three tickets.People are walkin' outright now.

- Jesus Christ.- What's the pointof the extra seats

if we can't get the food out?

Sky: Let's put down the food.

Right now we cannot portionlike you are portioning.

I feel that Skyhas been a leader

but her wayof trying to figure it outis just to start barking.

When you pull thosetickets down and youthrow them away

- we don't have any reference!- Derry: But the problem was

she didn't knowwhat orders she was barkin'.

- She was just barkin'.- Bring it on up.

- They disappeared.- Besh: What's all that?

I have no idea.

Taffer: This place is crashing.

We added 36 seatsoutside in the garden

and I couldn't getany food out of the kitchen.

If you don't thinkyour kitchen crashed

then somethingis wrong, Sky.

- It has not crashed.- Taffer: It crashed!

- I will not accept that.- So did your kitchen crash,or not?


( stammering )Who-- who got these?

Somebody's supposedto be in charge hereand nobody is!

How many peopledoes it take to makea taco?