Drunk And Disorderly In Palm Springs

Officers respond to a call and find a heavily intoxicated man who was allegedly trying to burglarize a vehicle. When he resists, officers take him down.


Just got a call of a, uh,

possible car burglary in


Some people were eating and they

came out and confronted a guy

who was sitting in their car,

prob... probably burglarizing.

>> ( over radio ): RP on land

line advising subject's trying

to beat up her husband.

One described as a Hispanic


Suspect 23 years old, bald,

in the north parking lot.

>> ( indistinct talking )


>> We came out of dinner and

they were trying to break into

my dad's truck.

>> HUTCHINSON: Who was?

>> This guy.

>> HUTCHINSON: This guy?

>> Yeah.

>> I don't know what to tell

you, bro.

>> I know you don't.

>> HUTCHINSON: How you doing,


>> I'm doing pretty good, dude.

>> HUTCHINSON: Hey, don't you

grab for me.

>> Oh, man.

>> HUTCHINSON: Excuse me.

Don't you start.

>> ( indistinct talking )

>> Thanks.

>> Officers, the red car back

there is with him.

>> The red car back there.

That one, right there.

>> HUTCHINSON: Which one?

>> That one, right there.

>> HUTCHINSON: That one?

Who saw these guys trying to

break in?

>> My dad's truck.

>> He was inside of his truck

when he went to get in.

>> Hey, shut up.

>> HUTCHINSON: He was inside

your truck.

>> No, let me get up, man.

>> HUTCHINSON: Stand up.

>> Give me what I want, fool.


>> That's ridiculous, dude.

>> HUTCHINSON: Really?

>> Yeah.

Wait, you know what?

>> HUTCHINSON: Not wait nothing.

You wait.

Stop trying to fight.

>> Watch my finger, dude.

( indistinct talking )

Watch out.

>> NANEZ: Well, maybe you'll

listen, and you cooperate.

>> I'm not even asking ( bleep)

bad, man.

>> HUTCHINSON: Now, you need to

start cooperating, you

understand that? Okay.

>> I'm asking you nicely.

>> HUTCHINSON: You're not asking

me anything.

>> Yes, sir, I am.

>> NANEZ: Get in there.

>> Sir.

>> HUTCHINSON: Get in the car.

>> NANEZ: Get in the car.

>> Please, man, may I see...

>> NANEZ: Get in the car.

>> HUTCHINSON: Get in the car.

>> Ask me nicely.

>> HUTCHINSON: Hang on. Give me


>> Look at me.

>> NANEZ: I'm looking at you.

>> I'm asking you nicely, dude.

>> NANEZ: Okay, get in the car.

I'm asking you nicely, too.

>> Hey, man.


If you continue, you're going to

get pepper sprayed.

>> Look at me, I'm straight,


>> HUTCHINSON: Do you want to

get pepper sprayed?

>> Let go of me.

>> HUTCHINSON: You relax.

>> Let go of me.

>> HUTCHINSON: You gonna relax?

>> Yes, sir.


>> Look at me. Look at me.


>> I am asking you straight,


>> HUTCHINSON: What's up?

>> There is no reason for you to

harass me like that.

>> NANEZ: You got a wallet or

anything on you?

You have any ID with you?

>> No, sir.

Can you please look at me?

>> HUTCHINSON: What do you want?

Let me talk to him.

Let me tell you something.

>> I asked you straight up, man.

I was acting straight.

>> HUTCHINSON: Let me tell you


We come out here, I grab you

and you want to tense up and

start a fight.

>> But that is...

>> HUTCHINSON: So what's going

to happen is you're going to get

put to the ground like you just


>> But listen to me.

I was straight.

>> HUTCHINSON: No, you're not


Sitting here acting like a jerk.

>> ( bleep ) you.

>> HUTCHINSON: See? There you


>> Yeah, I would not be fighting

for no reason.

>> HUTCHINSON: So you think it's

okay to fight with the police?

>> I was not be fighting.

>> HUTCHINSON: So why did you?

>> I didn't.

That's what I don't understand.

What's going on here?

>> HUTCHINSON: Well, here's

what's going on.

We walk up and these people are

asking you why you're in their


I started to pull you away

and you decide to

smile and laugh it off and

decide to tense up.

So you got pushed to the ground.

>> I wasn't.

>> HUTCHINSON: Well, that's what


We were trying to find out why

numerous people who don't know

you are saying that you were

inside this guy's truck.

>> Look, honestly, I might have

had too much to drink...

>> HUTCHINSON: I agree with you


>> ...but I would never, I would

never steal for someone that is

trying to earn a hard living,

seriously, 'cause I know the way

it is.


>> Honestly.

>> HUTCHINSON: So these people

that don't know you, you don't

know why they're saying you're

in their car?

They're all lying?

>> No, they're probably not

lying, they're just...

>> HUTCHINSON: So, you may have

been in the truck now or you

weren't in the truck?

>> I honestly don't remember.


I honestly...

I would never steal from someone

like that.


What's your name?

>> David.

I would never steal from anyone

like that.


me a few minutes.

We'll figure out what's going

on, okay?


MORRISON: Yeah, these guys saw

him physically assault the

victim over here.

>> HUTCHINSON: The guy?

>> MORRISON: The old guy.

>> HUTCHINSON: What'd he do?

>> MORRISON: Assault him.

Physically assault him.

And then I guess he tried to

intervene, and then he tried to

assault him as well.

>> HUTCHINSON: Okay, let me talk

to them, thanks.

Sir, did this gentleman try to

hit you?

>> Yeah, he did.

>> He tried to hit me, too.

>> HUTCHINSON: And did he try to

hit you as well, sir?

>> No, he just threatened me.

>> HUTCHINSON: Okay, what did he

say to you?

>> I saw Adolfo and this

gentleman wrestling right at the

door, like he was trying to get

him out of the truck.


>> He got him out

and immediately the guy

started mouthing off to him

and pushing him.

I drove over here

as fast as I could, and when I

got here, the guy kind of backed

off of Adolfo and didn't

start... he wasn't pushing him

anymore, and he started

talking crap.

As we got out of the car, I

think he swung at him and

hit him in the chest.

>> HUTCHINSON: So he was just

sitting inside with the doors


Was he in the driver's seat?

>> Yes.

>> HUTCHINSON: Did it look

like he was trying...

>> He was trying to open the...

>> Turn it on.

>> HUTCHINSON: Trying to turn it


>> Yes.

"What are you doing in my

truck?" "Oh, this is mine."

>> HUTCHINSON: He said it was

his truck?

>> Yeah, his truck.

I say, "No, it's mine."

And so I came around and opened

the door and said, "Hey, get out

of the truck."

So he come out and try to push

me and I go back and back.

>> HUTCHINSON: Did he try to

push you or did he push you?

>> No.

>> HUTCHINSON: He tried to?


>> Yeah, but he don't touch me.

>> HUTCHINSON: Okay, great.

This guy is in jail for tonight.

So we'll hopefully keep it that

way for you guys.

>> Well, thanks for...

>> HUTCHINSON: All right.

Happy birthday. Sorry, uh...

>> Happy birthday to you, too.

>> HUTCHINSON: Sorry that

happened to you.

Glad you guys are okay and safe,


>> Thank you very much.


Thank you very much.

All right, bye-bye.

This guy's gonna go to jail

and has been arrested for, uh,

attempted vehicle burglary and,

uh, vehicle tampering and


So he'll have to sit in jail

and think about what he did.