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Blade of the King Concept Film

Posted on: February 1, 2006 | Views: 19 | Comment

This is a concept film designed as an aid in pitching to either private investors or to studios in the hopes of gaining funding for a feature film. In the 6th century, an ancient evil returns and turns its wrath on the people of Geatland. One of Geatland's sons and greatest warriors must rise to the challenge, and attempt to defeat this great evil. This warrior will face his own personal demons in order to face the demon that threatens his people. He will struggle with his unbound rage and his quest for vengeance. Will he find redemption, or will his hatred keep him bound to a blood thirst for revenge? It is the classic struggle of Man versus Monster... Good versus Evil... It is the legend of the Blade of the King!  

warrior • beowulf • ancient • evil • redemption