Jon Taffer Hates Cross Contamination

Jon Taffer and Vic Vegas are appalled as they inspect the kitchen at the End Zone in Katy, TX. This is one of the most cross contaminated kitchen's Jon Taffer has ever seen.

Here we go, Vic.Look at this oil.

That looks like 90-weight oilfrom an engine.

If I put a flash bulbon the other side of this,

you wouldn't see it.


What's in here that prevents itfrom penetrating?

Soot, debris.

This is disgusting.

When was the last time thiswas scrubbed and cleaned?

Do you understandthe fire hazard that this is?

And look at this--I got grease...

Vic: On the Ansul system, on the protective system

to protect you in casethere is a fire.

'Cause there's grease( bleep ) everywhere!

- Do you see that?- Yeah.

That's a cockroach eatinga grasshopper in a light bulb.

Jon: I don't know how much worse it can get.

- Oh, there'sthe famous chicken wings.- Oh, man.

Look at the blood.That should bein a perforated pan

where the bloodis dripping out.

This itself can contaminate the chicken.

You might as welljust get a gun and goboom to somebody.

Jon: This is what you do for a living.

If you have any pride left

is if you cleanthe ( bleep ) place.

Let's take a peekin the walk-in,

and we'll see exactlywhat's happening here.

What's all overthat beer case?

- Kevin: Blood.- Jon: Look at the blood!

It's dripping downall over your cases of beer.

This is one of the mostcross-contaminated kitchens

I have ever seen.

Clearly, we've gotsome really bad lines here.

You can seethe color difference.

This is filthy.It's gonna taste horrible.

Now, I wanna go seethe rest of the bar.

- You guys gotfruit flies everywhere.- Yeah.

Kate: If you don't clean every day--

gestation period on a fruit fly is 24 hours.

We clean-- you act likewe don't get nothing from it.

Kate: No, I'm sorry, you don't.

What's going on here?

Jesus, please don't tell meyou guys are bartending

with standing waterbehind the bar.

Look at the dirtin that water.

Do you guysgive a ( bleep )?

Look at this!

There's beer tops sitting down there,

napkins sitting down there, paper.

You don't clean.

- I do.- This isn't clean.

And don't lie to me againand tell me you clean this bar!

You know when you'regonna clean it?! Now!

Let's go.