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Grand Hotel - Trailer

Posted on: June 30, 2005 | Views: 95 | Comment

The Best Picture of 1932 established the episodic narrative device of following the diverse stories of various characters who drift through a location. It was to be repeated onboard ships, trains and planes, in apartment buildings, resorts, anywhere the camera could observe comings and goings and the drama inherent in everyday life. Garbo stands out in an outstanding crowd of the screen's great faces as a world-weary ballerina pining for her jewel thief lover (John Barrymore). Other stories found in a Berlin hotel where "People come, people go, nothing ever happens" revolve around Lionel Barrymore's imminent death, Crawford's social climber and Beery's business traveler. It's one of the greats.  

travelers • strangers • jewel thief • Berlin • Europe