'Who's Telling The Truth Here?'

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/31/2014

When Adam & Skip confront Tom about his work at the Floyd's house, it becomes very clear that maybe they haven't been getting the truth from the Floyd family. Will they get to the bottom of this?

- Tom?- Hey, I'm Adam.

- Hey, Adam. How are you?- This is my buddy Skip.

- Skip.- Tom.

- Tom, we're here to talkto you about the Floyd family.

You remember them?

- Do you rememberthese people, Tom?

We went to the housethe other day.

We heard their complaintsabout some of the work

that you guys did over there.

I gotta ask you, man.

Just what-- what-- whatwas going on with this place?

- Yeah.

The bad part about it is

there was a contractorbefore me. You know that?

- I'm looking athow it was left, Tom.

- How was it before?That you saw it before me?

- There used to be a workingdrain underneath this shower

that went intothe sewer system properly.

- No, it didn't. There--it never was hooked up.

There's no drain there.There's nothing.

This was all designed bythe original contractor.

- Well, they gota very different version

of what went on.- Exactly.

- Did they sign a change orderfor the stucco?

They have to sign documents aslegal procedure to move forward.

- Isn't that true?- Yes.

- They didn't do it.

They didn't signthat change order

or move forward with that.They didn't wanna pay for it.

- Change order?What change orders?

- If you're in the middleof a job and you have

to change something, that'swhy they have change orders.

The customer signsthe change order.

You sign it. It now becomesa new part of the agreement.

But this familynever mentioned

any change ordersto us before.

- Have 'em signtheir change orders.

They didn't wanna sign it.

Why didn't you hearthat from the homeowner?

I've called multiple times,please let's finish this.

Let's settle this.

- They said they've beentrying to contact you.

- Bull --.

- According to them, you don'treturn their calls.

- I can produce recordswhere they said

they don't wantto contact me anymore,

they don't want me calling.

- There's a lot of conflictingstories here, then, because--

- Absolutely.

- Wow. This is really not whatI expected at all, you know?

We got two totallydifferent stories.

At this point, I don't evenknow who to believe anymore.

- We have the owners.- Bring 'em up.

- There's no -- way I'mgoing in that room with him.

- All right, Tom.- It's them.

- I'm gonna goget these guys

and see what they have to say.- Please do.

- We're not going up there.

- You're watching this guy?

- He's full of --.- He's full of it.

- He's lying.- Is he lying? I don't know.

Because I didn't livein the house.

I met the guyfive minutes ago.

- The Floyds seemed nervous.They seemed apprehensive.

And if they were a mood ring,they'd just be going off

like a pinball machine.