A Shower With No Drain?!

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/28/2014

Adam & Skip survey the damage on this very unfinished deck. It features a shower with no drain, and water that leaks into the baby's nursery.

- Here's the deck.- Wowee.

- You have a shower here.

- What was the originof the outside shower?

- Like why have it?- Sort of.

- It gets really hot up here.

- I've never beenindoor showering and went,

"Why is there not a pineconelanding on my head?"

- It's more about sunbathing.

- Uh-huh.- And cooling off.

- Cooling off.- Where's the drain?

- There was a drain,and then Tom decided to,

uh, cover the drain.

- Why would he ever cover upthe drain to the shower?

- I don't know why he did it.

- I honestly don'tremember exactly why.

- But his idea wasthat we were going to slope it

so all the shower waterwould run off the roof.

- Over there.- For some reason.

- No. That's acode violation.

- Anytime you have a washingmachine or a shower

that has chemicals, soap,shampoo, it has to go

into the drainage systemand the waste system

where all the rest ofthe house waste goes.

So this iscompletely illegal.

Tell us what's going onwith the plastic.

Did Tom put this plastic up?

- One of his guys did.The downspout was removed.

And so now any water that hitsthe roof of the house

shoots straight down here andinto the wall of Jarvis's room.

- Anybody that could leavea family like this

with a young child anda situation

where it's unsafe like thishas no regard for them.

You know, as a parentand a contractor,

it just makes me angry.

Because there'sno reason for this.

- There you go.There you go. Yeah.

- There you go, right there.

And you can see where it'srolling right into the house.

- Yeah.

- You can get a pieceof leader pipe here

and two screwsand send it down,

and that would havesolved your problem

in less than five minutes.

- On the other hand,Russell, come on, buddy.

You ain't in a wheelchair.I mean--

- Thanks for pointing it out.- All right.

I'm just, you know,pointing out the obvious.

All right, we're gonnatry to catch this guy

and put his ass to work.

- We're gonna get him overto the sting house.

Hopefully get himto play ball and help us

get this place fixed up.

Or you're gonna take himto court, pursue legalaction against him.

You guys can confront him,but are you ready for that?

- Sure.- Yeah.

- All right. So it looks likeyou guys gotta pack up

your flip-flopsand dress shirts.

- I don't know what kindof look this is, Russell.

All right. I'm not gonnatell you how to dress.

Let's hit the road.

We're gonnacatch us a contractor.

- All right.