Cocaine Suspect Declares 'My Life Is Over'

In West Palm Beach, FL, Officer Bevell questions a driver about the cocaine found in his possession, leading the suspect to declare that his life is over.


that I'm assigned to is called

the NET Team, and it's an

acronym for Neighborhood

Enhancement Team.

And what we do is, if there's a

problem in the neighborhood,

anything from burglaries to

robberies or narcotics, we just

try to flood areas and-and... be

a little bit proactive instead

of just responding to calls.

( garbled radio transmission )


Basically, I saw this vehicle up

here, it looked a little

suspicious-- a brand-new

vehicle, uh, matching that of a

couple that we had stolen

earlier-- and it ran two stop

signs already, so I'm gonna try

to stop it real quick.

( siren blares )

( speaks indistinctly

over loudspeaker )

How you doing?

( inaudible radio transmission )

Could I see your license,

registration and insurance?

Any reason why you didn't stop

at a couple of stop signs back


>> No, sir, I didn't know I

didn't stop at a stop...

I'm sorry.

>> BEVELL: Okay.

>> I didn't know.

>> BEVELL: How come you're not

wearing your seat belt?

>> I just took it off right now.

>> BEVELL: You have your

registration and insurance?

>> Yes, I do.

This is a rental car.

This is the registration for


>> BEVELL: You still live on

Lillian Road in Palm Springs?

>> Yes, sir, I do.

This is my other insurance

information, SR-22.

>> BEVELL: Okay.

Who is he to you?

>> He's a friend of mine.

>> Long time.

>> Long time. Couple years.

>> BEVELL: Okay.

Hang tight.

I'll be right back.

>> Yes, sir.

>> BEVELL: You got your ID

with you?

>> My ID, Social Security.

Run 'em in. Run it in.

>> BEVELL: Did you drop


>> Yeah.

I ain't got no guns or


>> BEVELL: What'd you drop?

>> I think something hooked on

to my Social Security card.

>> BEVELL: No, I got your Social

Security card.

>> I mean, you know the back

slip things when you get it?

>> BEVELL: You got anything on

you, man?

>> No, I ain't got no drugs on


>> BEVELL: No, I'm not looking

for drugs, but I'm looking for

something that can hurt me.

Do you have anything that can

hurt me?

>> Oh, no...

>> BEVELL: Turn around.

Just want to see if you have any

weapons or anything like that.

>> What stop signs did I run?

( inaudible radio transmission )

>> BEVELL: Okay.


What about you, you got anything

on you I need to know about?

Any weapons, anything in the


>> No, sir, I have nothing.

There's a... I have a knife

right here, and that is it.

>> BEVELL: Okay.

>> And you can... I'll put it


>> BEVELL: Okay. Do me a favor,


He's gonna put that knife there.

Step back.

No. Step back.

Don't grab it.

Why don't you have a seat on the

curb real quick.

Why don't you come out over


( garbled radio transmission )

You got anything--

come over here--

you got anything on you?

>> No, I do not.

>> BEVELL: What's your first


>> Clifton.

>> BEVELL: Clif?

>> Yeah, I have nothing...

>> BEVELL: Hey, relax.

Hey, guy, relax.

>> my pockets, nothing.

Yes, sir.

>> BEVELL: 'Kay, I just want to

make sure you don't have

anything that's gonna hurt me,

that's all.

>> Yes, nothing.

>> BEVELL: Okay.

What's this?

What is that?

Don't-don't grab.

What is that?

>> Nothing.

>> BEVELL: Put your hands on top

of your head.

What is that in your pocket?


>> I'm not.

>> BEVELL: Don't try to move,

all right?

>> I won't.

>> BEVELL: Put your hand behind

your back.

>> Yes, sir.

>> What happened?

What happened?

>> BEVELL: Sit down.

>> Yes, sir.

>> BEVELL: Sit down.

You got anything else on you?

>> No, sir, I don't.

>> BEVELL: How much is there?

>> Um, maybe...

um... ten grams?

>> BEVELL: What is that?

>> It is cocaine.

>> BEVELL: Okay, lean back.

You got anything else on you?

>> No, I don't.

>> BEVELL: 63, S. Palm.

Can I get another unit routinely

to transport at, uh...

>> Oh, my God, dude, my life is

over now.

>> BEVELL: Relax, all right?

What is your name again?

>> ( crying ): Clifton.

>> BEVELL: Clif, relax.

>> Damn! Clifton, yes.

This sucks.

>> BEVELL: Relax.

>> Damn it!

>> BEVELL: Relax, all right?

You ever been arrested before?

>> This sucks.

Yes, I've been arrested for...

for, uh, DUI and driving on a

suspended license, and I just

finished probation, and I have a

hardship license, and I was...

you know?

I mean, that's it, dude.

I'm getting ready to go to


Oh, I'm screwed, man, to be

honest with you.

That's it.

>> BEVELL: Is there anything

else in that car?

>> No.

>> BEVELL: Do you mind if I

check it?

>> Uh, you know what?

If you really want to, go ahead.

I am so screwed.

>> BEVELL: I'm sorry?

>> I'm screwed, man.

>> BEVELL: Is there any more

drugs in the car?

>> No. That was it right there.

>> BEVELL: Okay.

>> Oh, my dear Lord.

>> BEVELL: Do you understand why

I'm checking you?

You tell me you got a knife in


>> Yes, sir. Um...

>> BEVELL: Okay.

>> Oh, my dear Lord.

>> BEVELL: If you can go and put

him in your car...


go ahead and put him in the back

of the car.

>> ( over radio ): Uh, 10-54.

>> BEVELL: He pulled this up,

said, "I got... this is all I


That's when I told him to come

on out and checked him for any

more weapons, so...

>> SPATARA: Okay, good.

Good job.

>> BEVELL: Sarge.

I think I got some more, uh,

pieces of crack cocaine in the

center console loose.

I got some more crack in the


>> SPATARA: Okay.

>> BEVELL: Loose pieces.

>> SPATARA: We'll, uh... you

know what we'll do.

We'll call, uh, QRT and see if

they want...

>> BEVELL: Yeah.

>> SPATARA: See if this guy

wants to talk.

>> BEVELL: He's very, uh, upset

about being arrested.

He thinks his life is over,


Hey, Clif, listen.

What's that in the center


>> The center console.

Really, honestly, I really don't


>> BEVELL: There's a couple of

loose pieces, looks like crack

in there.

Is it crack?

I mean, tell me before I test


>> Honestly...

>> BEVELL: Be straight with me.

I already got ten grams of pot

on you.

>> It must be. Yes.

>> BEVELL: Is it?

>> Must be.

>> BEVELL: Is it yours or not or


>> That is not mine.

>> BEVELL: Was it...

>> No. No, no.

>> BEVELL: Whose is it?

>> Honestly, there were some

people in my truck, and I don't

know whose it is.

Honestly, seriously, but, hey,

if... it has to be crack.

>> BEVELL: Well, I might have to

charge you with that, too.

But it's not that big of a

difference, because, like I

said, I already got a bunch of

powder on you, so I'm not trying

to run a game on you, okay?

>> I know that.

>> BEVELL: But that's... I'm

gonna have to take that, too.

It's in the center console, so

that's... Okay?

>> Yes, sir.

>> BEVELL: But like I said, I

appreciate your cooperation,

and, uh, we're gonna take you to

the station in a minute and

figure something out, all right?