The Journey (Sancharram) - Trailer

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Kiran, a reseved intellectual child, moves from Delhi with her parents to the big ancestral house. She becomes fast friends with the playful, mischievous Delilah and Rajan, a neighborhood boy. As their friendship grows into adulthood, Kiran comes to terms with her changing feelings for Delilah. Uncomfortable with her physical desires, she agrees to help Rajan woo Delilah by sending passionate letters. Delilah, unconvinced by Rajan's efforts, discovers Kiran's true feelings for her and what follows is a romance that liberates both woman. When the relationship is uncovered, it sends Delilah's family into panic mode, as they quickly paln for an arranged marriage. 

arranged marriage • marriage • sex • sexual oppression • love • Ligy J. Pullappally • India