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Animated Soviet Propaganda - Communism

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Part 4 of 4 of the Documentary "Animated Soviet Propaganda" From 1924 to perestroika the USSR produced more than 4 dozen animated propaganda films. They weren't for export. Their target was the new nation and their goal was to win over the hearts and minds of the Soviet people. Anti-American, Anti-British, Anti-German, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Fascist, some of these films are as artistically beautiful as the great political posters made after the 1917 revolution which inspired Soviet animation. A unique series. With a unique perspective. Includes interviews with the directors of the animated films which are still alive and commentary by a leading Soviet film scholar. Two hours of documentary and six hours of animated films:

Forward March, Time! 1977, directed by Vladimir Tarasov.
Soviet Toys, 1924, directed by Dziga Vertov. Goskino USSR.
Samoyed Boy, 1928, directed by V. and Z. Brumberg, N. Khodataev, O. Khodataeva. 3rd Factory of Sovkino. Made as a silent film.
Little Music Box. 1933. directed by N. Khodataev.
Lenin's Kino Pravda (Truth in Cinema), 1924, presumed to be directed by Dziga Vertov. Made as a silent film.
Results of the XII Party Congress (of Cooperation), circa 1925, director unknown.
Victorious Destination, 1939, directed Leonid Amalrik, Dmitry Babichenko, Viktor Pokolnikov.
War Chronicles, 1939, directed by Dmitry Babichenko.
A Hot Stone, 1965, directed by Perch Sarkissian.
Songs of the Years of Fire, 1971, directed by Inessa Kovalevskaya.
Plus Electrification, 1972, directed by Ivan Aksenchuk.

OVERVIEW COMMENTATORS: Igor Kokarev, Professor of Film Sociology, Russian State Film School
Fyodor Khitruk, director and animator, Soyuzmultfilm
Vladimir Tarasov, director and animator, Soyuzmultfilm
Boris Yefimov, satirist, artist and writer

More Information at: www.russiananimation.com  

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