This Could Get Ugly

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/01/2014

Conflict occurs when Jason gets into a scuffle with an employee over an Alice in Wonderland poster. Who will come out victorious?


This place is awesome.

I'm really impressed.


Ah. Paint by number.

And even better,it's a Lassie dog.

Nice. It's like abig fat Lassie dog.

Paint by numbers are really nostalgic for a lot of people.


And they dopretty well.

So I'll get it. All righty.

Bryan: When you're out shopping for resale,

it's not what you necessarily like;

it's what your buyers like.

And I'm always looking forthings with buyers in mind

and try to have a pulse onwhat they're interested in.


It happens to beover forty years old.

♪ (metallic notes) ♪


It scared me.

Oh, man.

Twelve bucks,I'll get this.

Hey, Bryan?

Bryan: Alice in Wonderland.


Look how vibrant thosecolours are still.

It's dying for me to buy it.

Hm. Hey, look at this.

John Lennon doll.

Hang on.

I'm a big Beatles fan.

I have been since they,uh, first came to the USA.

I'm gonna go get the Alicein Wonderland poster.

All right.

What the (bleep)

I turn around and theAlice in Wonderland poster

that was right behind me is now gone.

Bryan: Where'd it go?

It was right there a second ago.


Where did my Alice inWonderland poster go?

Down the rabbit hole?

Sorry about that,I don't know.

I had to come look at yourdumb Beatles thing, didn't I?

It's not a dumbBeatles thing.

mocking) It's not a( umb Beatles thing.d

I like the Beatles.

Is that it up there?


Excuse me. Is somebodyelse buying this?

I was actuallyabout to buy it.

I'm buyingthis actually.

I just got back from my weekendand I just came in here

when I was opening andfell in love with it.

So did I.

ell, this isW ntiquing, man.a

I'm here to buy things to make money.

I can't let my job go.

Bryan: I don't know what's going to happen.

This could get ugly.