Fire In The Kitchen

When a filthy fryer becomes engulfed in a grease fire, Taffer and his team know that immediate action needs to be taken. This get worse when the fire extinguisher is broken.

So, I got us two great expertsto help me with this bar.

Come on in, guys.

- How you doing?- How you doing?

Robert, how are you?

One of the best bartenders in the country, Phil Wills.

He's here to workwith you guys.

He's gonna give you his heart and soul.

Brendan Collins, he's notonly an award-winning chef,

he has an unbelievable style and an approach to flavors.

So, I want to go to work.

If there's anything thatyou need to say or you needto say, do it today.

- I would like to actually saysomething, if you don't mind.- Of course, of course.

First of all, I would liketo apologize for my behaviorlast night

because I normallydon't come to this bar

and have beers like that

or drinks or run around acting crazy.

What I'm not gonna apologizefor, though, is havinga big heart.

You guys sat thereand watched Jon call mea failure

when I would never allow that to anybody in this bar.

Any of you.

Dad, your people skills,they -- suck.

- First of all--- Diane: Mike, Jon jumps on me and puts me down...

you didn't say --.

Mike: All I said was you're too nice

and you give everybodytoo many chances.

Did you guysstand up to Jon?

Yeah, but somebody messes up,they gotta go!

I let you guysall talk last night,now let me have my piece.

- No, you shut up now.- No, I'm not gonna shut up.

- Before you finish talking--- I listened to everybody talklast night.

None of you -- people stuck up for me,

and I'd take a bulletfor all of you guys.

You just reamed them all!

- And I've got--- Diane: You know why?

'Cause I was -- shocked that nobody stood up for me!

You know what?Nobody in this -- barhas any balls.

Let me give you some balls.Here are some balls, Zusie.

Get some balls.Here, I stuck up for you guys.Get some balls.

'Cause you know what?-- you, Mike.