Not Open To The Public

  • Season 1
  • Aired 01/18/2014

Bryan and Jason get access to the Castaways thrift shop warehouse, where goods are waiting to be sorted in to the store. When Jason finds an item that hits jackpot, he faces an uphill battle bartering with store owner Laurie.

OK, guys. Here we go.

I don't know what to expect.

The garage door opensand I am just speechless.

Oh, wow!

Look at all this stuff.

It's a lot bigger than I thought.

I think they were kind ofshocked and overwhelmed

both at the same time.

Holy cow!

Here's our mountain.

Jason: I just wanna pop, and eat, and take, and climb,

and thrift, and I'm ready.Let's dive in.

Over here are bins where we'vejust kinda done some sorting

and stuff and it's things we'reprobably gonna end up recycling.

What? That's crazy.

I know there is itemsin there that no way

should be going to recycling.

It should be in thestore so I can buy it.

I'm just gonna letyou guys go through

and I'll catch back upwith you in a few minutes.

Cool. Thanks,Laurie.



Jason and I start goingthrough the drums

and we start finding some things.

These are nice DKNY jeans.


There's three things going onhere: recycle, to your store,

and stuff that Bryan andI would like to purchase.

Holy (bleep)


I hit the jackpot.

I found the coolestjacket I have ever found

in all my years of thrifting.

This is awesome.

Or shall I say "rad"?


From the movie?

I never heard of it.

It was all about BMX riders.

And even though I didn't ride BMX,

that was like the quintessentialteen movie for me.


I'm done digging.

I've had enough.

I'm dirty. I'm hot.

All right, we found tons ofgoodies in the recycle bin.

You did?

Yes. This wholestack right here.

Laurie comes back; we show hersome things that we found.

And this you couldsell in the store

for in the six- toten-dollar range.

h, that's true.AMemorial Day, LaborDay, July 4th.

That's an easyfour-dollar shirt.

That's awesome.

All these things aregood for the store.

Now, on the otherend of that,

we have found a few thingsthat we would like to get.

For yourselves?

Well, we're hoping, uh, wecan maybe work a little deal

with you or something.

Hmm. We're not opento the public.

I know you're not but we'rejust hoping that, you know.


We've scratched Laurie's back and given her the tools

that she needs to make more money for the store.

nd I'm hoping she'll return theA favour and scratch our back

and let us buy some ofthese things that we found.

We offered her 10 bucks apiece for an armful of clothes

for each of us.

So I don't know ifshe'll say, "Yes."

or cast us away.