A Roof That's Held Together With Tape

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/14/2014

While inspecting a roof that was left behind by shoddy contractor Pedro, Adam and Skip notice that this roof leaks worse than a spaghetti colander. This job needs to be fixed and it needs to be fixed immediately.

Mike: This was the biggest issue right here.

This skylight leakslike a colander.

This is part of Dana's officeright here. This is whereshe does work, you know?

Dana: We opened up our whole entire home to this guy,

and it's just beena nightmare for us.

I'm not reallyhoning in

on how detrimental thishas been for us.

- It's a big deal.- It's a big deal.

I really feel badfor the Kungl family.

I mean, this is Dana's work area.

I can't believe thatsomeone would walk awayfrom this situation.

Wow. This wasreally his attempt

at a skylight, huh?

- Mike: Pick up that flashing.- Adam: Oh, you gotta be...

Mike: There's your waterproofing system.

- Skip: Are you serious?- Look at this.This is double-sided tape.

You had a sign,that you wanted to put upin your kitchen

that said,"Kiss the Cook."

This would not be good enoughto put that sign upin your kitchen.

- Skip: Was he telling you thatroofing is really his thing?- He's a roofer by trade.

This is a poor attemptto cover up this seam.

This is a completepile of dog--.

A glazier is a trainedand certified professional

in the art of cuttingand installing glass.

Looking at this work, I can tell right away

this contractorPedro is definitelynot a certified glazier.

Mike:Pour some water down thereand see what happens.

( Adam, Skip laughing )

How much is going overand how much is going in ?

No wonder this thing leaks. It's not sealed right.

There are things where youlook at it and go...

"Well, this may workfor a while."

- This didn't work day one.- Skip: I don't thinkthis ever worked.

Skip: The other problem I have with this is that it's also very unsafe.

You have a huge amount of weighton this roof, with this glass.

If there was ever failureof this glass, it could easilyfall in on your family.

Thank Godwe have 700 pounds'worth of dude

all standingin one place

over the superdangerous glass.

It really pisses me offwhen lousy contractors takeadvantage of nice people.

This guy Pedro clearly didn't know what he was doing.

This is the type of shoddy workthat we see all the time

that gives guys like meand other professional licensedcontractors a bad name.