'Gimme A Damn Hot Dog!'

Things fall apart during the stress test at The End Zone. Bartenders completely forget their training and the kitchen can't even get a single hot dog out the door.

Welcome, come on in!

What can I get for you?

Two burgers and two hot dogsand one mozzarella stick?

All right,first ticket in, brother.

Under nine minutes,let's rock.

Nine-minuteticket times.

Move, you got to moveyour body faster.

Two hands.

Really, guys?

Y'all are setting me upfor failure already.

I didn't set up this well.

You're stillon these same drinks?

I got all these peoplewaiting for drinks.

No one'skeeping their head up.

She's beggingfor a drink over there.

Look at her and smile.Let her know you're coming.

- Thank you.- Two hands.

Very easy.

Oh, my God,I'm gonna ( bleep )...

I'm almost 15 minuteson a hot dog right now.

Kevin, you're burning the hot dog there.

Be careful.

Kevin, Kevin, you're justpushing it off to the sidelike that, man.

Come on, come on, Kevin.

Justin: Kevin, you good?

Uh, I need some help,actually.

Come on guys,sell this first ticket, please.

( bleep ).

Have we gottenanything out of here?

- Nothing has left the kitchen!- Not one item has leftthe kitchen?

We got one, one, two,three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine,ten tickets, guys!

Vic: 16 minutes, going on 17.

I need mozzarella sticks.

Can't serve it.

Simple technique. I mean, pedestrian.

And right away,first order, ka-boof.

Guys, has the first plateswent out yet?

No, they're almost there,almost there.

Guys, we're on18 minutes!

I need this ( bleep ) out the door!

Who stilldoesn't have drinks?!

( crowd cheers )

Oh, stressed out!

All these guys are beingneglected over here.

You're just stayingin front of you.

You guys are notworking the bar.

Why don't westart over?

This is the look of customersatisfaction right here.

Not cooked all the way,brother.

They're leaving themin there.

They're cookingtoo many at the same time

because they're worriedabout it being busy,

and they're poppingall over each other

and turning into one big mess of ( bleep ).

Hot dog is dragging at 30 minutes now.

Now they'restarting to think

you don't givea ( bleep ) about them!

Guys, no disrespect,but give me a damn hot dog!