Thief Caught Red Handed

When looking over the surveillance footage from the stress test, Jon Taffer catches an employee stealing on video. Owner Jeff decides to let this employee go.

We have an actualrecord of theft.

Watch this.This video camefrom my surveillance.

So, there's Kimmie.She's got this sweatshirtin her hands.

Puts the key back by the register,

hasn't paid for it yet.

Puts the sweatshirt on without putting any money in the register.

- Do you deny that?- I always had the best ofintentions of paying for them.

Jeff, have youever seen anything?


So, he knew itand let her cometo work the next day.

- You're becoming an enabler.- Yes, I am.

Jon: You're enabling the drinking. You're enabling the theft.

Come stand next to me.

I want you to seewhat I see.

Now, when you look at this,

what is the worst offense in this entire group?

Stealing from me.

Jon: So, what are you gonna do?

I'm gonna haveto let you go, Kimmie.

Go get her outta here.Go do what you gotta do.It's time to be a manager.


Watch what she takes.Get her out of the buildingprofessionally.

Let's end this correctly.

I can't even believeyou just did this, Jeffrey.

Jeff: I can't believe you're stealing from me.

I don't steal, Jeff. You know that.

Have I ever takena dollar from you?

Missy was sitting right--I'm telling you, Missywas sitting right--

You were the only--( stutters )

I don't steal, Jeff.You know that.

- You know I'm not a thief.- I know, but the other--

I've told Lexi or Missyto put them in there.

I don't steal. I'm notstealing your clothes, Jeff.

- Come on.- What am Isupposed to do?

I'm not denyingthat I took the clothes, Jeff,

but it's not like I took themintentionally to steal them.

Look, I don'tknow what to do.I really don't.

Jeff, don't do this.

You know I'ma good employee.

Hold on.Hold on a second.

I'm gettingnowhere with this.I need your backup.

She's fired, she leaves.

Jon: Instead of having the courage to fire Kimmie,

he needs his girlfriend Shelleyto do the dirty work for him.

I'm not a thief,Shelley, you know that.

Kimmie, I don't know that.I've seen you do itmultiple times.

The shirts, yes, I'm--I'm saying that.

It's more than that.

You let me downand you let Jeff down.

I'm not a thief, Shelley.

You took it, you wore it,you went home with it.

That doesn't meanI stole it, Shelley.

That's exactlywhat that is.

What is yourdefinition of stealing?

If you take somethingthat does not belong to you,

it's stealing, Kimmie.

I've never stolenanything in my life.

I'm not a -- thief!