The Marksman - Total Malfunction

Posted on: September 7, 2005 | Views: 64 | Comment

The marksman (Wesley Snipes) and his crew parachute out of a plane into Chechnya.

Russia on the brink of nuclear annihilation, there's only one man who can save it: The Marksman (Wesley Snipes). An elite U.S. Special Forces operative, he's been ordered to take out a Chechen nuclear power plant before terrorists set off a live reactor. Infiltrating the heavily guarded facility, Snipes indicates the target for an American missile strike and makes his escape. But when he discovers it's the missiles and not the terrorists that'll ignite the device, Snipes realizes he's been set up. And so begins a race against time as he attempts to disarm a target whose detonation will trigger the death of thousands and topple two world powers.  

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