Nathalie... - He Wanted Me Right Then

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Marlene tells Catherine of her husband's infidelity.

Catherine (Fanny Ardant) is an attractive woman with a great career and a seemingly solid marriage to Bernard (Gerard Depardieu), her husband of 25 years. Their lives seem to be going well until Catherine discovers that Bernard is having an affair. Realizing that she does not really know her husband or what he really wants, Catherine hires Marlene (Emmanuelle Beart), a beautiful prostitute, to act as "Nathalie," a woman who will seduce Bernard and extract answers to the questions that are obsessing her.

Instead of the traditional man/woman relationship, what begins is a mesmerizing relationship between two women. Expecting to be in control of the situation, Catherine meets with Marlene on a regular basis. However, what she learns soon takes her into a world that not only startles her but begins to change her.

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