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Terror at Tate Manor

Posted on: March 29, 2002 | Views: 241 | Comment

Terror at Tate Manor is an independent horror film set in a real haunted house that's rich in ghost and spirit sightings--and was quite active throughout filming. Built in 1926, the mansion rests on an Indian burial ground and was the site of countless hangings at the hands of north Georgia law enforcement, the KKK and anyone else Col. Samuel Tate wanted out of the way.

The movie stars veteran horror heroines Leslie Culton and Jenny Wallace, and actors John Saenz and Jonathan Tabor. The Terror at Tate Manor trailer highlights scenes from the film, set to live concert footage of gODHEAD, who are featured on the Terror at Tate Manor soundtrack. The film is tentatively scheduled for a Summer 2002 release. For additional info, link to www.TateManor.com.