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Back To The Future (1985)
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Tron 2.0 - E3 2003: Game Play

Posted on: May 19, 2003 | Views: 53 | Comment

Combine epic adventure with intense action, virtual villains, fast-and-furious disc battles, high-speed light-cycle races and a unique visual style for a story-driven, first-person PC action game like no other. Inspired by the story and style of TRON, the breakthrough sci-fi film, TRON 2.0 takes place approximately 20 years after the events depicted in the film. Players assume the role of Jet Bradley, a talented, young programmer in search of his missing father, Alan Bradley, creator of the TRON program for human digitization. Confront evil forces planning to take over the world's computer systems by using Bradley the elder's technology. Play through dangerous techno environments while armed with an assortment of digital weaponry and strategies, compete on the gladiatorial Game Grid, race on light cycles more. 

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