Chef Tries To Serve Contaminated Food

While watching J.A. Murphy's in Fells Point, MD, Jon Taffer eyes a chef serve his daughter after touching raw chicken. If you know anything about Jon Taffer, you know that he does not stand for this, especially when it has to do with his family.

I'm counting downmy top 10 angriest moments

I have ever hadduring a rescue.

The next bar on my list is run by two college friends

who treated their patrons like frat pledges.

People come to this barto get drunk.

But the thing thatinfuriated me the mostabout these boneheads

is that their cook nearly fed my daughter Sam

a plate of contaminated food.

Jon: That's cross-contamination.

- Nachos, chicken and cheese?- Thank you.

And no one messeswith my family.

Don't eat anything here.

And that's why my showdownwith the cook and owners

of J.A. Murphy's in Fells Point, Maryland,

is the number twoangriest moment

I've ever had during a rescue.

You, hello.My name is Jon,what's yours?

- Tammy.- Tammy, I watched youpick up raw chicken

all night in your handand then touch cooked food.

Do you knowhow bad that is?

Tammy: What the hell do I do?

How dare youpick up raw chicken

and then pick upcheese with your hand,

pick up crab with your hand,pick up spices with your hand.

Shame on you.

I have never seenanything like this before.

How many times have you picked up raw chicken?

Have you ever washed your hands?

- Yes.- I'm -- beside myself.

Is this funny to you?

- What's the deal?- Didn't see it.

You didn't see it?

She's touching raw chickenand she's not even washingher hands.

- Don't you know that's wrong?- Owner: That was it?

- You do know it's wrong.- Yeah.

- So you don't give a --?- I do give a --.

No, you don't care'cause you're not doinganything about it.

Okay, all right.

Somebody who isirresponsible like you...

- Yeah, -- me.- ...and doesn't give a --!

That's right, like you!

- You're like a -- criminal.- Call me all the namesyou want.

- Why, 'cause youknow you're --, right?- Okay, let's go now.

Those people are gonnaknow you're an -- whenI walk out of here, too.

You're gonnaget sued from this.

Take that food,throw it away.

Throw it all away.Shut it down.

Nobody eats.

Clean this -- kitchen.I'm the -- out of here.

That moment stillmakes my blood boil.

You will get sick.