Using A Burner Phone To Catch Randall

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/23/2014

Alison uses a clever trick with a fake cell phone to get contractor Randall's phone number. Once she has his info, she sets up a meeting at the sting house where Adam & Skip are waiting.

Alison: I'm following Randall Dabbs,

Cathy Templeton's contractor.

Since Randy isa licensed contractor,

I was able to track downhis business address

using the state's database for licensed contractors.

Once I got a hold of that address,

I followed him.

Looks like he is pulling infor his morning cup of java.

This is the perfect opportunityfor me to approach him.

He's hanging out,drinking his coffee.

Phone, that's it.

I always keep a burner phonethat can't be traced back to me.

I'm gonna pretend that my phone has a dead battery

so that I can borrowhis phone

and call my burner phoneso that I can get his number.

Hey, excuse me.My phone is dead

and I've been sitting herewaiting for my sister.

Do you mind if I just borrowyours to make a quick call?

It'll just be, like, a minute.

Thank you so much.I really appreciate it.

You're welcome.

We have a number,and soon we'll havethe appointment.

All right, guys.We're 10 minutes out.

They're going right now.

So, today we're gettingthe sting house ready.

We have Cathy, her nephew Michael,

and his girlfriend Christine.

What's going throughyour heart and your mind?

I'm a little nervous.I definitely want himto come clean

because he's guilty.

We're getting readyto pounce on Randall Dabbs.

You gonna catcha contractor for me?

Good boy.

- He's here.- All right, everybody.Stay silent.

- Hi.- How are you?

Hi, good, thank you.This is Kilo.