Scary Mary's Is Scary Filthy

Jon Taffer and Tiffany Derry go through the bar/kitchen at Mary's Outpost in Grand Prairie, TX, and find it astoundingly unsanitary. It's so awful that Taffer almost loses his lunch. Things need to change here, and it needs to start with the kitchen.

Let's see the draft beer system.

How's that working?

Oh!Look at the foam.

We're dumping your profitsdown the drain, obviously.

When beer is at the right temperature

and the right pressure,it works properly every time.

So you have no confidence in itwhen you pour it out.

- No.- Jon Guys that's crazy. We got to fix that.

Any beer expertwill tell you the last thing

in the world they wantis a frosted mug.

- Really?- Yes.

Because it puts waterin the beer.

The beer should be cold.

The glass should not be,make sense?

This is really filthy.

So either I get sick or I get hit on?

That's the deal?Look at this.

Oh, Jon, look.

Oh, man.

Oh, God.Thoroughly disgusting.

That grew.Look at that.

Jon This is on every bottle you touch.

Do you understand that? Disgusting.

So, Tiff,show us what we got.

So this is a mess.

There's all kind of junk.Look at this.

Jon Oh! Oh!

And this, it's not onlywhere they serve food, Jon.

This is also wherethey do their hair.


So there's hair downon the counters

where we're cooking food.

Look at the wires everywhere.

- Look at that hot-dog thing.- It's all a mess.

Can we cook in this room |- No, this is not a room

that's builtto be cooked in.

There's nothingaround here that's clean.

This is gross |- We got to make you a kitchen.

I have no desire to put kitchen equipment in here

and set this upto have us serve that.

Let's go back in here.

Now this is big enough to cook in,

but we can't call this a kitchen.

It defies everything that webelieve in as professionals.

This is not safe.There's chemicals everywhere.

There's paint, plant food right on the side of the food.

All of thisis inappropriatefor a kitchen.

And the worst thing I foundis this nacho cheese.

- I mean, really, look at it.- Oh!

This expired over a year ago!

That's disgusting.I can't even stand here.

This is disgusting.Oh, man!

I'm gonna throw up.

Kitchen needs--( gags )